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WhatsApp Group Feature Leave Little Impact On Political Parties


With the regular use of Whatsapp groups to send party related content, Lok Sabha cannot bend to give political messages to a new product feature platform accurately one week before the elections of 2019.

When something starts today (and for everyone in a couple of weeks), WhatsApp users can select “any,” “my contact,” or “everyone,” to indicate who automatically updates them Can add to groups.

Anyone outside the selected categories will required to send a group invite link to the user instead of adding them automatically.

Yesterday, the company also introduced a tipline powered by Media Startup PROTO, which would create a database to cross potential wrong information.

“Whatsapp’s committed to helping our part to become a force for good in India and helps overcome complex challenges arising from misinformation.

In particular, this research effort will help in understanding the type of wrong information shared during the election period and will help some users get verified information, “a spokesman said Indian Express.

But in the parties, social media chiefs say that the changes to make the impact before the election are very few.

BJP’s Western Union’s Social Media Convener Harsh Chaturvedi said, “We have been active till now while communicating with the general public, we already have our WhatsApp group.”

A member of the Congress party says that we welcome the change in the privacy of the group, but noted that the tip line would probably be useless.

“They are not promising to prevent misuse and wrong information. They are just trying to show that they are doing something, “said Congress member.

Whatsapp says that 75 percent of users in India are in the group, and about 250 million of the 1.5 billion monthly active users are from India.

The company has repeatedly mention that the platform “is designed for private messaging” and has established spatial product updates to send public messages to the platform over the last two years.

Election Commission issues notice to Yogi Adityanath on ‘Modiji’s army’ remark.

The company had come to execute across the country connected with whatsapp rumors in the summer last year, due to which there was a tense exchange with the IT Ministry and a proposed law would make it possible to remove the platform.

Small and big-scale digital marketers have told the Indian Express that they have easy access to the extensive database of phone numbers (purchase from SIM card stores buying vendors) from the map area at the constituency level.

They can use these databases to automatically add potential voters to the political message for whatsapp groups.

“A strategist said,” We have found the most filtered data.

“We do not have a dead number, and we have accessibility in the Hindi belt states which is almost double the number of other leading companies.”

In a media briefing in Delhi on February 1, the technology expert Prantanto Roy asked the officials of Whatapp repeatedly and about efforts against inviting the group.

Whatsapp Engineer Matt Jones, referring to a product change last year, responded that the users had prevented from automatically adding them to those groups which they already have excluded.

The group’s privacy setting comes with the repeated product changes made by the company.

During the past year, the company owned by the company has experienced significant changes in monetization and management after leaving the company of co-founders due to disagreements about privacy with their parent company.

Roy said that this change could hamper corporate marketing and advertising spam, but it will not affect the political use of whatsapp groups.

“In hundreds of thousands of political groups, some people want to stay there,” he said. To get more consent to join the group is not going to “make a difference on the political side.”

“Anyway, people will automatically get out of a WhatsApp group if they do not want to come in.

I do not think that will make a big difference in a political election campaign,” said the political campaign management group of the Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC). The senior official said, “nothing more than two to five percent.”

When in January, Whatsapp established a limited range and forward label, then digital strategists working with both internal and external sides gave a mixed review.

Most of the people within the political parties accepts the change they needed to get an international SIM card, use many phones and change automatic spamming software.

Most importantly, the parties started a process which was already running heavily: the booth-level volunteer network instructed to spread party content by integrating into non-political Whatsapp groups.

Some said that due to work being around, those changes were “face-protectors for whatsapp.

“Whatsapp groups are the most Hazardous products That They have Now,”said an Electronic marketer who works Together with political parties”


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