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What is Article 370? And It’s Specialties

article 370

Article 370 belongs to the state of Jammu and Kashmir of India and till some time ago it was a special identity of Jammu and Kashmir. This has been removed from Kashmir on 5 August 2019. The question that may be arising in the minds of most people is, what is this article 370 and what is its specialty?

In this post, we will tell you about article 370 and its features and also know the complete history about it. You must have heard about article 370 somewhere or must have seen it in the news channel, then you must have raised many questions related to it is related to Kashmir and all of you It must be known that how important Kashmir is for India.

What is Article 370?

This act is all about a special constitution relating to the state of Jammu and Kashmir which made Jammu and Kashmir different from other states of India. It gives a special identity to Jammu and Kashmir. But in the BJP government on 5 August 2019, Amit Shah demanded to remove it in Rajya Sabha and it was accepted by Rajya Sabha. In Constitution Act Article 370 The state of Kashmir was given special status as compared to other states of the state of India.

Jammu – Kashmir is considered the most beautiful state of India and Kashmir has been in dispute between Pakistan and India for a long time. This matter has also been in the united nation for many years but for some time no solution was found.

Terrorists used to sneak into India from the borders of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan. Due to the Constitution Act Article 370, the security and development of the state were declining.

Even though being a part of India, some rules and laws were different in Jammu and Kashmir. The young people here were instigated by some bad people and continuous security was being hampered. This Constitution Act Article 370  came into force in the state of Kashmir sometime after India’s independence.

Know about Constitution Act Article 370

When the state of India became independent on 15 August 1947, the state of Kashmir was ruled by Raja Hari Singh, but on 20 October 1947, Pakistan invaded Kashmir and occupied a large part of Kashmir. Raja Hari Singh sought help from the Government of India.

The Government of India merged Kashmir into India on 26 October 1947 to protect some of Jammu and Kashmir and Kashmir became an integral state of India.

After some years, Article 370 was implemented in Kashmir on 17 November 1952 and Kashmir was given some special status. In which Kashmir was given special rights such as flag tricolor and permission to own one and people from the outside state in Kashmir not to buy a property. In addition to this, many were given special powers compared to other states.

Article 370 Featuring

Accordingly, Jammu and Kashmir given a special status and some special rights are also given which are characteristic of Article 370.

Some special rights are –

  1. Jammu & Kashmir has 2 flags. A Kashmir has its own national flag and the tricolor flag of India is the national flag here.
  2. Citizens of other states cannot buy a property of any kind in this state.
  3. People of Kashmir have got 2 types of citizenship. One from Kashmir and the other from India.
  4. According to the provisions of section 370, no economic or other emergencies can be imposed in the state.
  5. If a Kashmiri girl marries an outsider, her citizenship of Kashmir is taken away.
  6. President’s rule may not apply
  7. Hence, The Parliament of India cannot enact any law other than defense, foreign affairs, and communications.

This article 370 is no longer applicable in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It has been removed from the state of Jammu and Kashmir by the Government of India on 5 August 2019. Also, some changes have been made in which the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This has become a union territory and Ladakh has been separated from Jammu and Kashmir.

Five Major Changes:

Article 370 removed.
Article 35A Remove
Jammu and Kashmir divided into two parts
Jammu Kashmir will be Union Territory
Ladakh became a Union Territory.

Conclusion – Hopefully you have understood what article 370 is and would have liked this post too. Article 370 is a separate constitution of the state of Kashmir.

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