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Things To Do On Weekends In Delhi

what to do on weekend

Delhi Weekend Another fit of Stress to make Programs.

What will you do this Weekend? Same old Delhi pub hopping? Or mall shopping? Or simply chilling with a few YouTube videos on auto-play?

How can this be a bit different this time?  

You know all the places that you cross all the time, and you feel that “Oh, Ek bar to Jangey Yha Kabhi” Well, how about you this weekend? . 

Well, how about you make this weekend that ek baar. 

For weekends, you decide to make #TouristInYourOwnCity weekend, here you can tell about the places where you can hope

  1. Perform your art critics in the National Art of Modern Art

Modern, contemporary Indian art (after 1850), the museum in Delhi is one of the places we cross but never give enough attention to this. well do. And enjoy one afternoon of the treasure of knowledge.

Source: TripAdvisor

2. Enjoy some time with sunset on Surajkund

Not for the fair Sit by the reservoir, take a long walk and enjoy the sunset. Take a notebook with you, pen your thoughts, or just sit there and listen to Bloom by The Paper Kites.  Few Kilometers Away From Delhi.

3. Lose yourself in the deprived forest of Sanjay Van  


If God is kind, then it will be a bad day and if this happens then go and find out the forest of the big city located near Vasant Kunj, Delhi.

Source: DelhiPedia

 4. Or just pack a picnic and surround it in Lodi Gardens

Get up early this Sunday morning and go to Lodi Garden. The morning-to-morning stir, the practitioners, the walkers, the people who greet each other will just take you in and appreciate the human symmetry of the people. Apart from this the monuments look absolutely amazing in the morning light.

5. Beautifully carved stone on the Akshardham temple

I know we might ridicule it but trust me: you can see it from you. There’s not any image of what’s indoors but take my word, it’s absolutely beautiful. You get to know more about Indian mythology!

Source: Padhaaro

6. Some thieves in the thief market?


This Sunday brace yourself and finally make that trip to the “infamous” Chor Bazaar near the Red Fort Delhi.
Trust me, waking up at 6 o’clock, you will not feel so bad when you completely steal.

Source: WhatsUpLife

7. Take the challenge of market on Sarojini city market

Or just channel Your Energy! Try nothing more than Take 1000 and try to buy nuts as much as you and can do in that amount!

Source: VanityNoApologies

 8. Take a food walk at Jama Masjid Old Delhi

This is a full food riot and it is amazing that the gastragine is amazing. Take the nuts on all kinds of kebabs, tikkas, mutton badahs, biryani etc.! Try Aslam’s roasted butter chicken.

Source: Foodiye

9.   Design your clothes in the Nehru Place Fabric Market

Sourcing some beautiful clothes for some shirts, clothes, skirts about how to spend an afternoon … seriously whatever you do with them. Get creative, and show all the pretty next week!

Source: SewOverIt

10. Find some puppy leovers in Friendicos

Play with some animals! And who knows, maybe by the end you will continue to adopt and adopt a new pet home.

Source: News18

11. Finally go to Qutub Minar!

We all have seen a huge memorial with many Metro Riding windows, but have you seen this beauty closely? Trust me you are only going to marvel at this art in sandstone, with all its inscriptions.

Source: CulturalIndia

12. Make them experience the school visit to the National Science Center

The channels that shock in, go to the National Science Center and lose yourself in the laws of physics, dinosaur gallery and human body gallery.

Source: SoDelhi

13. Travel to the whole country in Dilli Haat.

State is not the time to go through all state food canteens? About the place that provides food and shopping experiences from all over the country.  Clothes, home decor, personal hygiene, jewelry, this place has everything to offer and then to top it there is delectable food from Maharashtra, to Nagaland, to J&K, and Tamil and so on.

Source: TouristTurtle

14. Travel on time in the old fort

Ride the boat in one of the oldest forts in the city. Delhi has a lot of architecture but there is something about this aged construction standing the test of time with the city sprawling all around it.

Source: MapsOfIndia

15. Check out handicrafts in Cottage Emporium

A one stop shop for handicrafts curated from all across India, made by skilled artisans In Delhi. At the end of this shopping trip, you will be deeply appreciated for the talent, cleverness and creativity present in our country, even if you are not ready to buy anything.

Source: Pinterest

16. Test your mettle at the Indian Mountaineering Foundation

The artificial rock climbing wall at IMF might seem like a child’s play to you but trust me, this one is not just about the physical strength but also an exercise for the brain. yeah, and it’s fun all the way!

Source: Titpit

17. Become a child again in the shootout zone

Paint your day’s fun with a paintball session in the shootout zone. They offer a huge variety of games you can choose from so don’t worry if its a solo activity you are taking up.

Source: Thrillophilia

18. Taste some absolute silence in the Lotus Temple

Bahá’í House is also known as the worship, another is what we look at on the horizon of the city, but many of us are not upset to travel. A place of meditation, the silence of the temple will offer you peace and calm when your mind wants to disconnect from all the noise inside it.

Source: TourMyIndia

19. Feel Im Mystery Vibes at Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah

… on Thursday night for mysterious Qawwallis, who rebuild Sufism and love around the rose between the rose. The power from the air is contagious and will remain with you awhile.

Source: Nizamuddinauliya

20.  And finally with Mulchand Parantha, those hungry thirsts quench

And when you get out with your fun day, then turn it off with a deliciously original Mulch Parantha for some delicious Amir Yum Paranths!

Source: OYORooms

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