Battle Of Saragarhi: Sikh History Reveals


    Akshay Kumar Movie Kesari Depicts The Greatest History Of 21 Sikh Fought Against 10,000 Afghans In Saragarhi.

    We all watched 300. And all of us adored Gerard Butler along with his men.

    300 Men led by the King Leonidas, of Sparta, Conducted A huge Mexican army in the Battle of Thermopylae.

    What should I inform you that a similar conflict was fought in India?
    21 Sikh soldiers fought with their deaths against 10,000 Afghani tribesmen in the Battle of Saragarhi.

    It’s said that They out of the ran Bullets, they struggled with their swords


    The Way 21 Soldiers Stood Facing 10,000
    Saragarhi was a little village at the Khyber Pakhtun part of present day in Pakistan.

    21 soldiers in the British of the Sikh Regiment India stationed there to set a communication system between Fort Lockhart Fort Gulistan inbetween the Hind Kush mountains.

    The Saragarhi post was created at a point between the two forts to prevent the violent Pashtuns from attacking the British personnel.
    (Photo: The Quint/Deepthi Ramdas/Google Maps)

    The Pashtuns, however, wished to capture both forts for themselves

    To this end, few attacks were started by the Afghani tribes in the Area between 27 August To 11 September.

    But the greatest attack came on the last afternoon of the struggle –on 12 September 1897. The Saragarhi post billed by Ten thousand Enemies.

    Around 9 in the morning, 10,000 Afghani tribesmen marched towards the post.
    (Photo: The Quint/Arnica Kala)
    Soldier Gurmukh Singh sent a message to Commanding Officer Colonel Haughton at Fort Lockhart that the post was being attacked.
    (Photo: The Quint/Arnica Kala)
    When Col Haughton failed to send any help, the 21 bravehearts geared up for a fight.
    (Photo: The Quint/Arnica Kala)

    Lance Naik Lal Singh fired in the Enemies . However, Bhagwan Singh get murdered in the war and Lal Singh had several injuries.

    The Sikh soldiers refused — although the Pashtun tribes asked the soldiers to surrender.

    At this point, a section of the Afghani tribesmen charged at the fort’s gates twice with full force – trying to break them – but failed both times.
    (Photo: The Quint/Arnica Kala)

    However, they entered the fort and also a gruesome Battle started.

    Hawaldar Ishar Singh who was in charge of the contingent quickly stationed himself – along with other soldiers – at the door, while other soldiers were instructed to stay inside the fort.
    (Photo: The Quint/Arnica Kala)

    Even while a huge selection of enemies waiting at the door, Ishar Singh struck along with others

    After fighting courageously for hours, Ishar Singh along with his companions all faces death. In an attempt to enter the fort, the Afghani Army set it on fire.

    With this stage five India soldiers were still living. Gurumukh Although the remainder outnumbered from the Afghani Army — fought until their final breaths singh stood in the signal tower.

    Around 3:30 pm, it is said that Gurumukh Singh – the youngest soldier in the contingent – entered the battlefield. He was the last man standing.
    (Photo: The Quint/Arnica Kala)

    He came down and stuffed his possessions From the tower, shooting firearms in his hands.

    Legend has it that Gurumukh Singh killed 20 enemies before they set him on fire.
    (Photo: The Quint/Arnica Kala)

    It was just when the day the British Army attained the Saragarhi post. They won it back after fighting the tribesmen for the following 2 days again.

    To the 21, tributes also paid Following the Battle of Saragarhi Bravehearts in the British Parliament.

    These heros honored with the Victoria Cross. Till date,
    the Sikh regiment celebrates Saragarhi Diwas on 12 Sept.

    The remains of the piquet at Saragarhi. (© Charles Eve)

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