Pulwama Attack and History Of Convoys Being Attacked

    pulwam attack

    Pulwama: Security forces have standard Operating procedures (SOPs) in regions prone to terror strikes.

    In the light of this car-bomb attack in Pulwama, Shaurya Gurung requires a look at the SOPs, what occurred at Pulwama and background of terror attacks on convoys:


    *The CRPF will enhance its standard operating procedure with the addition of additional armed employees in buses which transport troops to and from Kashmir
    *Adequate distance between vehicles
    *Fix time to reach the destination from the beginning point
    *Repair halts for convoys
    *Road Opening Party: ROP secures a specific stretch of a street by sanitizing them from mines, bombs etc. Each drive is gives an area of responsibility. The blast happened in place which was CRPF’s duty
    *Civilian traffic Civilian vehicles were not halt while the convoy moves. They’re permitted to overtake and be between convoy vehicles.

    This wasn’t the case in J&K, when CRPF could stop vehicles from entering convoy path. Forces requested to not restrict vehicles Following J&K government declared civilians doesn’t need to face any trouble.

    Up & Down, Around the Year

    • CRPF has 61 battalions, 48 in Kashmir and 13 at Jammu, Other than Additional formations. The strength is 65,000.
    pulwama attack
    Security personal near awantipora blast site. Express Photo by Shuaib Masoodi 14/02/2019

    CRPF convoy moves from Jammu to Srinagar (271 km) and viceversa on alternative days
    *In summer it’s regular but landslide and snowfall makes it inconsistent in winter
    *Jammu camp has the capacity to accommodate just 1,000 personnel. Employees can change locations if highway is block due to snow. Amount of stranded employees may reach 4,000 occasionally
    *Convoy strength increased to clear’pile-up’. On February 4, convoy had 91 vehicles with 2,871 transients
    *Plying lesser number of vehicles reduces risk but not great enough to prevent suicide attacks.

    What Happens On Thursday

    SOPs followed, says CRPF
    * On February 4, convoy’d 9 1 vehicles Together Using 2,871 transients, Plying amount of vehicles reduces danger although not strikes .

    *16 vehicles dropped out at Qazigund on reaching destination but 16’mobile bunkers’ joined convoy to take care of terrorist ambushes which grow beyond Qazigund. The convoy left Qazigund.

    At Latoomode of Awantipora in An explosive laden vehicle, pulwama entered the highway .

    It overtook a bus, fifth from the convoy and exploded. The bus is turn into pieces. The bus also get affects by the explosion

    *Thursday’s convoy of 78 vehicles, transporting 2,547 jawans, left Jammu transit camp at 3:30 am. The jawans were returning from leave or moving to regions of installation.
    *40 CRPF jawans martyred, 39 at the 5th bus and one from the ROP. Five men in the bus are Injured.
    * This is the very first time a CRPF convoy has been attacked by that a suicide bomber in an explosive-laden vehicle. About 80kg of explosives supposed to have been used.


    *Nine IED blasts, including two in Pulwama, in No casualties, 2018
    *Attack on CRPF ROP in Nawgam on Dec 11, 2013, 1 personnel killed
    *Attack on CRPF ROP on Dec 3, 2014, in Pulwama, 1 killed
    * 5 Injure In pampore On Dec 7,2015 is attack on CRPF
    *CRPF convoy attacked on Feb 20, 2016, two killed
    *convoy Of CRPF Was attacked on June 25,2016, 8 killed
    *Attack in Bejbiera, on ROP on May 11, 2015 killed
    *Amarnath Yatra convoy attacked on July 10, 7 pilgrims, 2017 killed


    *Army follows SOPs like CRPF
    Highway has bylanes and Monitoring vehicles entering street difficult, says Army insider
    Civilian traffic is stops only at starting point and end point of convoy
    *An Army convoy Doesn’t consist of 20-30 vehicles

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